WW2 Italian AFV paint set

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WW2 Italian AFV paint set Hataka
WW2 Italian AFV paint set Hataka WW2 Italian AFV paint set Hataka
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  • HTK-C226 – Grigio-Verde Scuro* – Exact match with Grigio-Verde Scuro – base Italian Army colour in 1930s and again after 1943 (with disruptive shapes in various colours)
  • HTK-C170 – Grigio-Verde Chiaro* – Exact match with Grigio-Verde Chiaro – standard base and camouflage colour of the Italian Army (Regio Esercito) vehicles during WW2
  • HTK-C525 – Rosso Ruggine* – Known as Rosso Ruggine or Terracota – base colour of Ansaldo vehicles in 1930s, later used for disruptive shapes on various base colours
  • HTK-C013 – Giallo Sabbia Scuro* – Exact match with Giallo Sabbia Scuro – base colour of some Ansaldo vehicles in 1930s, since August 1943 used in the „amoeba” camo
  • HTK-C056 – Verde Scuro* – Exact match with Verde Scuro – standard camouflage colour of Ansaldo, also used on AFVs returning from Africa and in „amoeba” scheme
  • HTK-C126 – Saharian Khaki* – Exact match with Saharian Khaki – a base colour of the Italian AFVs in the „Africa Orientale Italiana” and later (since May 1943) of all vehicles
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